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My WalkWithFC 2021 Fundraising Page

Sam Cramer

Sam Cramer

As you may know, for a number of years our son Ari has participated in programs put on by a local nonprofit called The Friendship Circle. Friendship Circle brings together kids with special needs like Ari and teen volunteers who want to make a difference. Kids with special needs and teen volunteers all benefit from Friendship Circle: volunteers learn emotional maturity, responsibility, and compassion, while special children learn social skills and experience acceptance and individualized attention. This year they added a new program special for young adults like Ari called the Young Adults Circle. This enables young adults with special needs to spend time in a fun social setting with people in their age range. Ari has really been enjoying it.

When Covid hit they stepped up and modified their programs to serve the children, teens and adults via zoom. Now that things are starting to open back up they’ve hired a full time program director to run the Friendship Circle programs. Big steps like this one wouldn't have been possible without last year's fundraising efforts, and highlight the importance of my ask below.

On Sunday, Aug 29th Ari, Mindy and I will be walking in the 9th annual Friendship Circle WalkWithFC. We would be so touched if you and your family would be able to sponsor us and help us meet our fundraising goal of $2,500, which will go towards helping the Friendship Circle accommodate many more special children, teens and young adults with special needs and community volunteers. If you would like to sponsor us, please click on donate button above.

Thank you so much!

Sam, Mindy & Ari


raised of $7,500 goal

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