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Welcome to Alfred Sugarman's Page

Alfred Sugarman

Alfred Sugarman

Since the launch of Friendship Circle in 2003 Friendship Circle has grown and transformed the Bay Area Jewish community into a place that is welcoming and inclusive for people with special needs. For that reason we continue to be inspired to help raise funds to support their important work.

Friendship Circle offers children and teens with special needs and their families year-round support, Sunday and holiday events, respite programs, family outings and much more. Additionally, they train over 125 teen volunteers from more then 18 Bay Area schools to be mentors! This year they launched their first ever young adults division. The transformation for both the children and their volunteers is beyond measure.

Please consider supporting our campaign by donating and/or registering to join us at the walk on May 5th at Achieve Kids in Palo Alto Best - Alfred


raised of $2,500 goal

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Good luck Al
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Your mission and purpose make a difference.
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Great effort Al - thanks for doing this!
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Good Luck!
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