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Rabbi Levin

Rabbi Levin

Thirteen years ago, Jewish kids with special needs and their families were simply left out of the community. It seems hard to believe this today, but that was the reality. The reason it seems hard to believe now is because of the incredible work that the Friendship Circle has done. This wonderful institution has made inclusion in the community for these families the norm, and just about every Jewish organization today has programs for special needs kids.

I am proud to take part in ensuring that these kids will continue to thrive in our community, and for their parents and siblings to receive the support that they need and deserve. I’m proud to be part of ensuring that our Jewish teenagers have an opportunity to serve and make a real difference in the life of a kid. I have seen these teens grow so much, and usually continue their service and Jewish connection in college and beyond. The sense of accomplishment and pride that these teens feel is life-altering and gives them a sense of self-worth that last a lifetime. This is real, it is not hyperbole. I am therefore asking you to join me in supporting these children, their families, and the teen volunteers.


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