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Welcome to Matthew Venditti's Page

David Venditti

Matthew Venditti

As you may know, our child has special needs and has benefited tremendously from the Friendship Circle’s ongoing programs and services throughout the years. We have also had the pleasure of watching other special children blossom and grow within their care.

The Winter and Summer Camps offered by The Friendship Circle are so important in giving special children a typical camp experience. These camps include activities like arts & crafts, music, sports, local field trips, and generally having fun with their friends and volunteers/buddies. It is so vital that children with special needs take time away from therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments to have fun socializing and laughing with peers! This year they added a new program for adults with special needs.

On Sunday, May 5th I will be walking in the 7th annual Friendship Circle WalkWithFC 2019 for the benefit of FC's programs and services. We would be so touched if you and your family could join us.

Please help the Bay Area Friendship Circle support many more special children and volunteers by bringing me closer to my fundraising goal of $2,500.

You can participate by clicking on the link below and you will ensure that our every step helps bring a smile to the face of some very special children in our community!


raised of $2,500 goal

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