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Welcome to Rabbi Yosef & Dena Levin's Page

Yosef Levin

Yosef Levin

This is a favorite cause of mine!

The incredible work Friendship Circle does in the community, for special needs children and their family, even continuing into adulthood, is legendary.

Perhaps an even greater benefit is for the young volunteers. In this day and age when we hear much discussion about our youth feeling a lack of purpose and direction, Friendship Circle provides real meaning and helps mold our youth into upstanding citizens, who tend to continue giving to the community in college and beyond. I very often hear adults tell me with pride that they volunteered with Friendship Circle as teenagers, and that it had a profound impact on their lives.

On Sunday, May 5th, our family and community will be walking hand in hand with these children teens and young adults to help generate the necessary funds to keep the Friendship Circle going and growing. By signing on as a supporter/sponsor of our walk, you would be locking hands with my family as we tell these children and their families: “You are not alone.

This community is here for you – with kindness of heart and generosity of spirit!”


Rabbi Yosef & Dena Levin


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