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Welcome to Kevin Cimring's Page

Kevin Cimring

Kevin Cimring

Friends, there are so many good causes that are in need of support, I appreciate you taking the time to consider a donation to the Friendship Circle, which is a great organization operating right here in the Bay Area.

Children with special needs so often lead a life revolving around medical, physical and educational therapy, but lack an important ingredient for happy living - friendships! Bay Area Friendship Circle is a local organization that helps children with special needs make friends and form bonds. The special work carried out by this organization is largely fulfilled by teen volunteers who spend time with special needs kids, making them and their families feel more accepted in the community. Currently, over 100 special children are receiving friendship from 120 volunteers from 32 different Bay Area schools!

I'm once again participating in Bay Area Friendship Circle 's WalkWithFC to be held on Sunday, June 3rd in Palo Alto with the aim of helping raise funds to support all the great work this organization does.

Please help The Friendship Circle continue their great work - no donation is too small. It all helps.


raised of $5,000 goal


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Good luck Kevin - thanks for the great work you do in the community!
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