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Welcome to Katie Spier's Page

Katie Spier

Katie Spier

Friendship Circle is very fun for me. I like the Sunday program most. My friend Yardena goes with me. I like the walk in May too. - Katie


raised of $2,500 goal

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1. SFStanley And Rochelle Ferdman
Katie, I hope you go over your goal, so the Friendship Circle can have programs for many more years to do the wonderful things you do.
2. GSGrannie Annie And PaPa Billy Spier
Go for it Katie. We are proud of you.
3. AOAlexandra Olsen
We love you, Katie!!!
4. AAunt Shari & Uncle Danny
Good luck & have fun Katie! We are so proud of you!
5. UUncle Fool and Associates
6. RFRyan & Stephanie Frick
Go Katie!!