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Welcome to Hannah Shader's Page

Hannah Shader

Hannah Shader

Hi All!

Thank you for visiting my page. I have worked with Friendship Circle for 2 years, and the impact the organization has had on my life and the buddies lives has been amazing. While last year I was paired with a different buddy each friendship circle, this year I've had the opportunity to work with my own buddy, Matthew. Matthew is the sweetest kid, and I'm so lucky to get to spend time with him. He loves reading, and is a big Warriors fan. Matthew is non-verbal, but can communicate through big smiles. Together, we'll play catch, read aloud and participate in all the activities Friendship Circle sets up for us. I'm so excited to get to work with Matthew again next year, because I haven't seen him in a couple weeks and I miss him! Friendship Circle is a great organization, and any donations to keep it going would greatly benefit both me and Matthew, not to mention all the other buddy pairs in the program! Thanks!



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1. JGJim Gerber
Glad to see you doing good things out in the world and making a difference!
2. DEDaniel Shader & Elisabeth Dutton
3. DMDebra Matityahu
4. LTLauren Dutton And Glen Tripp
What a great organization Hannah! Good luck with your walk.
5. NLNancy Lieberman
Keep up the amazing work!
6. JAJulie And Buddy Arnheim