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My WalkWithFC 2020 Fundraising Page

Alan Fisher

Alan Fisher

I’m walking (virtually, in this year of COVID-19) in memory of my brother Jeff, who died in 2018. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Jeff was a Special Needs kid, long before this term had been coined. My parents read whatever they could find and hunted for guidance from every expert around. With other parents, they lobbied for what we now call Special Education. My father eventually started his own weekend program to share his knowledge with other families. As a teen, I was an assistant.
Times have progressed. Friendship Circle builds on Special Education, now mandated everywhere, to provide more opportunities for friendship, learning, and inclusiveness. Teen volunteers learn how to make a difference by providing support and mentorship.
Please help me support Friendship Circle and its work with Special Needs kids and young adults.


raised of $2,500 goal

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1. Naomi And Stan Makow
We miss this wonderful guy. Family celebrations aren’t the same without him.
2. Anonymous
Hi Alan Unfortunately, we realize due to restrictions this year the walk cannot take place. Hope our contribution can make a difference for special needs kids and young adults. We always have fond memories of Jeff. Stay Safe Brenda and Leslie
3. Ritchie & Bonnie Kruger
4. Alan Fisher
5. Eileen. Kruger
A “Gita neshuma” ;always a kind word for everyone
6. David Fisher