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My Walk With FC 2023 Fundraising Page

Vic Ringel And Ilene Sokoloff

Vic Ringel and Ilene Sokoloff

Each year I share my excitement about an incredible nonprofit, Bay Area Friendship Circle, that I have been involved with for a number of years. This year is no different and I invite you to contribute and get involved

This year alone Friendship Circle provided services and inclusion for over 125 children, teens and adults with special needs. Perhaps equally important is the impact the impact its had on the 130 high school and young adult volunteers.

On a personal note, I cannot help but express my deep desire for a similar organization like Friendship Circle in New York, the city where our beloved granddaughter Evelyn resides. As a remarkable individual on the autism spectrum, Evelyn's life is predominantly shaped by medical, physical, and educational therapies. However, one vital element seems to be missing from her journey toward a fulfilling life: the joy of genuine friendships and meaningful social interactions.

Motivated by this, we are actively involved in raising funds to support Friendship Circle's essential mission. We are asking you to give a hand up to these amazing people, children, teens, adults, and volunteers. You can contribute to our fundraising campaign or register for participation.

We would also be thrilled if you could join us on Sept 10th at Achieve Kids in Palo Alto for the walk.

Thank you for considering supporting us in this endeavor!


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