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Schusterman Family

Schusterman Family

Ezzy and I founded the Bay Area Friendship Circle in 2003, and we can testify to its life-changing impact, both on our family and on the families in our community. We've seen transformation on so many children with special needs, high school teens an even our own kids as well.

Our kids have all volunteered and learned how they can make a difference in the life of a child who is often isolated and without real friends. Even our youngest children have been part of the action, as they help us host the teens and families for Shabbat dinners and holiday events.

We hope you'll support our team by walking and donating.

Nechama & Ezzy

Ezzy Schusterman
  • Menachem Schusterman
  • Maryasha Schusterman
  • Hadassah Schusterman
Ariella Kelman
  • Leeza Sherstinsky


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