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Akshay and Ashwin's Walk Page

Sandhya Sundaresan

Sandhya Sundaresan

Thank you for visiting. The Friendship Circle is a cause is very dear to my boys and our family, and we'll appreciate any the support we can get for this wonderful program ! Please consider a donation to support the cause through this page and help support this amazing organization.

Together we can all make a difference in these special kids' lives!

Thank you

Sandhya (Mom of Akshay and Ashwin)


raised of $4,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. Revathi Advaithi
2. Mona Singh
3. Charu Krishnamoorthy
Love to Akshay and Ashwin
4. Jaya & Suresh
5. Hamsini & Gautam
6. Radha Gourishankar
Glad to support the wonderful work done by the BAY AREA FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE for children with special needs.
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