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Welcome to Sheryl Munoz-Bergman's Page

Sheryl Munoz-Bergman

Sheryl Munoz-Bergman

Thank you for visiting. The Friendship Circle is a fabulous organization that supports Alex and Benji in a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment. Imagine a whole team of youth and adults who value and appreciate Alex, Benji and their friends just as they are --- that is Friendship Circle. Thanks so much for your support! Please consider a donation to my page and help support this amazing organization.

Together we can make a difference! Best - Sheryl


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1. Barbara and Dennis Gahry
2. Karen McClure
Donating in honor of our dear friends Roz and Mike Bergman. Congratulations on 55 years of wedded bliss. Karen and Barry
3. Sanford Feuer
Wishing Team Munoz-Bergman the Best!
4. Terry Steinberg
Best wishes for a wonderful walk!

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