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Welcome to Bruno Klass's Page

Bruno Klass

Bruno Klass

As a teenager. I may not have money to give but I do have time. So I decided to do something meaningful with that time and volunteer at Friendship Circle. Every other week I get together with a child with special needs to provide them with friendship and together we play sports, sing and clap along to music and just have lots of fun.

I know most people think that volunteers like me are changing lives, but the truth is that it is my life that is being changed. These kids don't care about what brand of clothing I am wearing or what music I listen to. They love and accept me because I am a friend to them- simple as that.

Help me give back to an organization that has given me so much by making a donation and/or walking on May 5th.

Best - Bruno


raised of $2,500 goal

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Qué buena causa!!.Kol Akavot!!
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4. ARAstrid Rieber
Bruno, what a wonderful and important cause you are supporting. Thank you!
5. JMJennifer Mutz
Wonderful cause.
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