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Carol/Yaffa Borison's WalkWithFC 2021 Fundraising Page

Carol Borison

Carol Borison

I would like to share something with you that is very close to my heart.

For three years my daughter Ilana volunteered with an amazing organization, the Bay Area Friendship Circle, a nonprofit organization that provides services, support and programs for children, teens and adults with special needs.

The impact Friendship Circle had on Ilana and the children she worked with was tremendous! As a young adult, I saw her continue to grow and flourish as a result of her time volunteering at Friendship Circle.

Our local chapter was founded in 2003. Comprised of a network of over 150 teen volunteers, the Bay Area Friendship Circle has helped more than 250 special needs children and teens and their families. During Covid they stepped up and ran a full range of programs online. Now they are transitioning back to in-person programming with Summer Camp followed by the resumption of Sunday Circle, giving each child the feeling of inclusion and accpetance.

Every year Friendship Circle hosts WalkWithFC, an annual fundraising campaign that helps expand the reach of their programs. Please consider a contribution to an organization that has made a HUGE impact in our community.

Please help me help support Friendship Circle!

Thank you so much!


raised of $2,500 goal

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